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f:id:hope_is_dream:20140624073816p:plain three.js - documentation


Base class for scene graph objects.



The constructor takes no arguments.



Object's parent in the scene graph.


Array with object's children.


Object's local rotation (Euler angles), in radians.


Local transform.


The global transform of the object. If the Object3d has no parent, then it's identical to the local transform.


When this is set, it calculates the matrix of position, (rotation or quaternion) and scale every frame and also recalculates the matrixWorld property.


When this is set, it calculates the matrixWorld in that frame and resets this property to false.

When this is set, then the rotationMatrix gets calculated every frame.


.localToWorld( vector )

vector - A local vector.
Updates the vector from local space to world space.

.worldToLocal( vector )

vector - A world vector.
Updates the vector from world space to local space.

.add( object )

object - An object.
Adds object as child of this object.

.remove( object )

object - An object.
Removes object as child of this object.


Updates local transform.

.updateMatrixWorld( force )

Updates global transform of the object and its children.

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